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Information Technologies

We integrate information and communication technologies into your business.

We provide technology solutions based on customer needs through maintenance, configuration and upgrade of equipment and systems that promote a positive impact on their business objectives.

Our I.T. services will help you in:

Diagnosis of needs and proposal of technological solutions
Analysis, development, testing and implementation of technological solutions (e.g. process automation and improvement, ERP, internal control, etc.).
Training in the use of technological tools (Microsoft Office, Office 365, Contpaqi, Aspel).
Analysis, installation and maintenance of networks (LAN)
Security projects development
Analysis, installation, configuration and implementation of Aspel line systems (COI, Sae, Banks, Prod).
Analysis, installation, configuration and implementation of Cotpaqi's line systems (Accounting, Banking, Payroll, Commercial, Production).
Auditing of systems according to ISO 27001 requirements
Preventive and corrective maintenance of communication networks (computer networks).
Technical support

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    Our partners are professionals with extensive work experience and specialized in each of the issues we deal with.

    We generate timely information that allows our clients to make effective decisions.

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