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IMSS Audits

We manage payroll payment in compliance with the authorities' provisions.

We support our clients in the prevention, management and compliance in response to possible contingencies related to the Social Security Law and tax services for remunerations.

Providing business peace of mind about the management of our clients' businesses.

Our IMSS Audit services are divided into basic, complementary and special works.

IMSS opinion filing.
INFONAVIT opinion filing
Diagnosis of the company's current situation regarding compliance with social security obligations, INFONAVIT and local contributions.
Filing of the labor risk premium notice
Verification of the determination and integration in the contribution base salary of variable benefits
Validation of the correct determination of the labor-employer contributions

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    Each of our services is focused on supporting the achievement of our clients' business objectives.

    Our partners are professionals with extensive work experience and specialized in each of the issues we deal with.

    We generate timely information that allows our clients to make effective decisions.

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