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González Chevez, aligned with its vision, "To be a CPC firm with international representation recognized in Mexico as the best option", has taken a step forward by becoming members of Kudos International, assuming a new international profile that supports and retains our local clients and attends to the needs of the international market.

Another objective is to enhance the services of other members of Kudos International, through an international directory that will allow members to receive constant technical advice on auditing and accounting, management and development of best practices, as well as the continued application of quality standards established by international regulations.

The Forum of Firms is an association of leading international accounting networks of firms committed to promoting consistent standards of financial reporting and high quality auditing practices worldwide.



We are members of Kudos International. Kudos International is a worldwide network of independent accounting firms that provide professional services to their clients. Kudos International does not provide services to clients of its members. Members of Kudos International are legally individual organizations and are only associated with each other as members of the network. Some of the members of Kudos International use Kudos as part of their trade name. However, nothing in the agreements or rules of Kudos International creates or implies an agency relationship or a partnership between Kudos International and Kudos International member firms. Any claim arising from working in conjunction with another Kudos International member who has been engaged can only be made against that member. No claims can be made against Kudos International, or any other person or organization involved in working for you. Although your contract is with us, we may use the services of partners or staff of other Kudos International members to help us provide services to you. When we use the services of these partners or staff, they act as our agents and not as partners, or agents of anyone else (including any other Kudos International member firm). As a result, we will be legally responsible for their activities as if they were our partners or staff. Neither Kudos International nor any other member firm of Kudos International will have any liability in connection with this work because there is no contract between you and any other member firm.