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What is employer branding and why should you promote it in your company?

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  • What is employer branding and why should you promote it in your company?

Employer branding relates to the company's reputation, that is, with the image you project to your own employees and to potential candidates, which translates into greater loyalty of the former and the interest of the latter in joining your team. Therefore, the main objective is to build a positioning that allows you to attract and retain the best professional profiles.

This can be achieved by implementing reward plans, growth plans, taking care of the organization's welfare policies, keeping the staff motivated, adequately compensating the personnel, taking care of the working environment and the adequacy of jobs, and so on. In short, to make sure that workers feel comfortable.

Among the main advantages of employer branding we can find:

  • Increase in the number of candidates interested in joining the workforce.
  • Improved employee loyalty.
  • Minimizing absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • Reduction of 46% in recruitment costs and 10% in labor costs (according to Randstad data).
  • Reinforcement of the sense of belonging of the human capital and thus of their motivation and involvement.
  • Differentiation from the competition based on a value-added proposal.
  • Boosting your brand image in society.

How can you reinforce your company's employer branding?

Fostering a good working environment
It is key to retain employees, who in turn can act as ambassadors of the company, as well as to attract candidates.

Offering continuous training
Employees and candidates are looking to grow professionally and improve themselves, so it is essential to give them the opportunity to learn constantly by providing them with training tools and attending to their interests.

Keep fluid communication channels open
Companies must communicate at all levels and in all directions - horizontally, vertically and transversally - and give employees the opportunity to contribute their point of view, so that they feel heard.

Develop a personal growth plan
Guiding employees to find their work purpose and allowing them to apply for positions are very important strategies when it comes to retaining talent.